A Chance To Participate: Can you help me name some characters?

If there are any photos below, they belong to new characters who need names. Want to help me name them? Just put your suggestion in the comments for this post. (Please let me know which character you are suggesting the name for, i.e. “Unnamed Man 1”, “Unnamed Woman 3”, etc, since the group of characters that show in this post will change over time as I give them names or add new unnamed characters.

Please don’t be offended if you suggest a name and I don’t use it. There are all sorts of reasons I may not use a name:

-I may already have a character with that name or a similar name

-I may have plans to introduce a character with that name that no one knows about yet (dun-dun-dun…)

-I may know someone with that name in my real life (I try not to use names of people in my real life, with a few rare exceptions)

-I may have a character in one of my novels who has that name (yep, I write novels too)


But please, suggest away! I’m looking forward to seeing your suggestions!

(If there are no photos below, that means all my characters currently have names. If that’s the case, please check back because there will most likely be new ones added in the future!)



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