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I am beginning to try to identify the head/face molds/sculpts of my Mattel (Barbie and Ken, some High School Musical) dolls. For those whose molds I don’t know, I will list them as “Unknown“. If anyone sees one of my dolls listed as “Head/Face Mold: Unknown” and knows the mold of that doll (or if you spot a doll whose mold I have incorrectly identified), please comment and let me know! (Thank you!) I really want my list to be accurate!

Click to see Character Bios of Mattel dolls by their Face/Head Mold:




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River, on your Unknown page, is a Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses Blaine, who uses the Kayla / Lea sculpt (I know because I have one too). Brenda Nash is a Shakira doll, and she apparently uses the same sculpt. Henley and Yardley look like the 1995 Teen Skipper sculpts – if the date on the back of their heads is 1995, then that’s who they are.

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