(Second-Style) These are dolls that I have two or more of to play one character. I do this so I can style their hair differently and quickly switch them out if, for instance, I am creating scenes in the beauty salon where a doll will go from one hairstyle when they arrive to wet hair after their shampoo, to curls when they are finished. This is where I can easily see all the characters that I have second styles for and is one of my “for my own use” pages. See Second Styles Photos for photos of characters with their second-style dolls.

Abbey (Oliver) Foster

Age: 27 Occupation: School teacher, Port Sebastian Elementary School Relationship Status: Divorced from Malik, Not seeing anyone at


Age: 25 Occupation: Dance Instructor, Kicks & Flicks School of Dance Relationship Status: Not seeing anyone at present Formerly (before

Ana (Mulan) Kim

Age: 30 Occupation: I haven’t decided yet Relationship Status: Married to Nate Children: Daughters Renee and Zoey .

Ashley Ward

Age: 26 Occupation: Court Reporter, Port Sebastian Courthouse Relationship Status: Dating JT Siblings: Sister Vanessa Nieces/Nephews: Niece Lauren .

Astrid (Carlin) Thorpe

Age: 36 Occupation: Owner of Tidy Sum Accounting Relationship Status: Married to Rolland Siblings: Brother in law Cole

Callia Wilcox

Age: 24 Occupation: Dancer with the Guys & Dolls Dance Troupe Relationship Status: Not seeing anyone at present

Maya (Harrison) Falco

About This Character Character Name: Maya Falco Age: 50 Occupation: Cocktail waitress at the Port O’Call Bar Relationship Status:

Nicci (Wilcox) Augusta

Age: 28 Occupation: Novelist (Published by Roberts and Hadley Publishing) Relationship Status: Married to Kimberly (Nicci took her wife’s

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