These are the engaged characters of Port Sebastian. See the entire cast of Port Sebastian here.


Age: 32 Occupation: Teacher at Port Sebastian High School Relationship Status: Engaged to Celeste . . . .

Carolyn Braddock

Age: 30 Occupation: Owner of Ride -N- True Auto Repair Relationship Status: Engaged to Janice Parents: Martin and


About This Character Character Name: Celeste Age: 28 Occupation: I haven’t decided yet Relationship Status: Engaged to Anton

James Braddock

Age: 28 Occupation: Owner of It’s All Set Relationship Status: Living with Leah Parents: Mom Dee-Dee and Dad Bruce (divorced),

Janice Stedman

Age: 27 Occupation: Account Executive for Outside The Box Advertising Concepts Relationship Status: Engaged to Carolyn Parents: Baxter

Leah Austin

Age: 26 Occupation: Project Manager, PS Productions Relationship Status: Lives with James Parents: Curtis and Doreen Siblings: Brothers Braeden and

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