Ana (Mulan) Kim

Age: 30 Occupation: I haven’t decided yet Relationship Status: Married to Nate Children: Daughters Renee and Zoey .

Hope (Kim) Lee

Age: 42 Occupation: Human Resources Manager at PS Productions Relationship Status: Married to Malcolm Children: Daughter Jill and son

Nate Kim

Age: 40 Occupation: Tax Attorney with the Law Offices of Rothchild, Snyder, and Fitch Relationship Status: Married to Ana

Renee Kim

Age: 6 Occupation: Student at Port Sebastian Elementary School Parents: Ana and Nate Siblings: Little sister Zoey Aunts/Uncles:

Zoey Kim

Age: 2 Parents: Ana and Nate Siblings: Sister Renee Aunts/Uncles: Aunt Hope & Uncle Malcolm Cousins: Jill and

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