Port Sebastian Park

About This Place

Port Sebastian Park was named, of course, after the town and its founding family. The park consists of a large tract of land that was donated to the township in the late 1800’s by a benefactor who did not want to be named in official records and made the donation contingent on only one request: to never develop the land; to instead keep it available to the community as a place to enjoy nature and to spend quality time with family and friends. The land that is called Port Sebastian Park consists of a section of woods with nature trails; a playground; a sports and children’s recreation area; and a large central area with sidewalks and benches nestled into a beautifully manicured landscape. The park land connects to the land around Port Sebastian Lake, where residents like to stargaze, fish, swim, and ice skate.

About This Set/Diorama

Port Sebastian Park is unique in terms of its “set”. I’ve taken outdoor photos in varying locations of The Big Giant (People) World that served as portions of the park, and I’ve put together temporary indoor sets for park scenes. I am currently working on building some more permanent sets that I can use indoors as portions of the park as well. I plan to post behind-the-scenes photos and information about the making / building of these sets when they are ready. Please check back!

The many representations of Port Sebastian Park can be seen in these posts/episodes:


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