Guys & Dolls Dance Troupe

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Guys & Dolls Dance Troupe Rehearsing

Guys & Dolls Dance Troupe Rehearsing at Kicks & Flicks School of Dance

Port Sebastian’s own dance group performs locally, in productions at the Playline Playhouse and Theater, and also occasionally in other locations. They share rehearsal space with the Playline Players, the local theater group, at Kicks & Flicks School of Dance.

Troupe members include choreographer Tina and dancers Tanya, Jerome, Kyle, Lindsay, Daniel, and Callia.


About This Set/Diorama

I plan to post behind-the-scenes photos and information about the making / building of the sets for The Playline Playhouse and Theater, where the Guys & Dolls perform, and Kicks & Flicks School of Dance, where they rehearse, as soon as they are ready. Please check back!




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