Augusta Women’s Health Care

About This Business

Dr. Kimberly Augusta, the local OB/GYN in Port Sebastian, owns Augusta Women’s Health Care. Her staff includes R.N. Genre Nicholson and Office Manager Sandra Stinton.


Dr. Kimberly Augusta

Genre Nicholson

Genre Nicholson

Sandra Stinton

Sandra Stinton





About This Set/Diorama

This is the exam room:
I completed the exam room in October of 2015 and it will be used for the first time in Season 1, Episode 1.

I had a lot of fun facing the challenge of making an Ultrasound machine. I already know of a lot of things I would do differently if I were to re-make it (ok; I’ll admit it – I do plan to re-make it at some point because of how much I learned by trial and error), but I’m still pleased with the results:


I plan to post behind-the-scenes photos and information about the making / building of this set soon. Please check back!


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