Mattel Happy Family

Charisse (Ingall) Thorpe

Age: 68 Occupation: Produce Manager, GMS Market Relationship Status: Married to Beau Children:  Daughter and son in law

Donny Harrington

Age: 3 Parents: Courtney and Deacon Siblings: Sister Vicki Aunts/Uncles: Great Aunt Elaine and Great Uncle Baxter Cousins:

Lynette (Jenson) Armannsson

Age: 30 Occupation: Principal of Port Sebastian Elementary School Relationship Status: Not seeing anyone at present (formerly married to

Malik Foster

Age: 27 Occupation: I haven’t decided yet Relationship Status: Divorced from Abbey, Not seeing anyone at present Children:

Merita (Parker) Evans

Age: 30 Occupation: Owner of Playscale Playtime Preschool and Day Care Relationship Status: Married to Ron Siblings: Sister

Rhonda (Vaughn) Lewis

Age: 48 Occupation: Owner of the Sugar and Spice Bakery and Sweet Shop Relationship Status: Married to Wayne

Robin (McAlister) Mathis

Age: 23 Occupation: Teacher at Port Sebastian Elementary School Relationship Status: Married to Ford . . Formerly (before becoming one

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