Nora’s Second Style

I’ve been collecting “second style” versions of some of my dolls – extras of the same doll so I can style their hair differently and switch them out whenever I need them to have a different look. I do this with either the “Swappin’ Styles Fashionista” dolls, where I may have one or more other “heads” with different hair styles and makeup, or duplicate dolls that play the same character with different looks.

These two dolls will both play Nora. The one on the left had shorter hair when I bought her at a thrift store. I’m not sure if she came that way or if someone gave her a haircut. The one on the right came from another thrift store or flea market (I forgot) with long hair. I’ll cut her hair to about the same length as the first, and I’ll curl it so Nora can have two different styles.


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