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I have found that, within the community of doll-collecting adults, there are several types of doll enthusiasts, from those who collect and showcase boxed and/or display dolls, to those who create awe-inspiring photography using dolls, to one-of-a-kind artists who reroot, repaint, or even sculpt dolls, to folks like me who like to make dioramas and take doll photos to tell stories.

For that reason, I’m aware that many of my visitors here are likely individuals who fall into any (or more than one) of those categories. (And of course, as I am hoping, many of my visitors may be people who, also like me, love the soap opera genre and may be curious about Port Sebastian!)

I have attempted to make this site as easy as possible to navigate, whether you are here to check out the characters and story or if you landed here during a search for a specific doll or head mold, etc. (If you are here about a specific doll or head mold, be sure to see How To Find Photos and Information on Specific Dolls and Action Figures.)

There are many ways to find what you are looking for. Check out the navigation menu to the left and browse for what you are looking for, or use the search bar for specific results. Feel free to comment on posts or contact me via social media to share or ask questions.

Thanks for visiting! Please comment below and let me know what brought you to Port Sebastian! 🙂



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