How to Find Photos and Information on Specific Dolls or Action Figures

If you are looking for information on, or photos of, a specific doll or action figure (for instance, a Mattel’s Barbie Sugarplum Princess – The Nutcracker, which is the original doll for both my character Carolyn and her sister Michelle, or one of the M & C Toys Power Team Elite World Peacekeepers, who play several of my male characters), there are a few ways to look that up:

  • Visit my list of Manufacturers and Original Doll Names
  • If you already know which of my characters is the doll or action figure you are looking for:
    • Visit my Character Bios page and click on that character’s bio. On the bio page, click on the “About This Doll/Figure” tab. That is where I list information about which doll it is, what changes I have made to the doll, etc.
    • Click on the name of the character from my Characters By First Name list, or go to that character’s bio and click on any of the thumbnails below “See More of This Character”.
  • Or you may search the site by keywords such as:
    • the manufacturer’s name or the original name of the doll or figure
    • identifying information such as name, date, or number stamps, etc., that may be on a doll or figure you are attempting to identify. I am working on adding identifying information at the bottom of the “About This Doll/Figure” tabs on many of the character bios, to assist anyone who is trying to identify the same doll or figure. (If you stumble on one that I haven’t identified and you are able to shed any light, please leave a comment! I will appreciate and welcome any help and will update the information in the bios.)
  • If you are looking for information on Mattel doll head / face molds, please see my Head / Face Molds page.
  • To find out about changes I’ve made to my dolls (rebodying [which makes them “hybrids”], painting, wigs, etc.), visit my Doll Changes list (and be sure to see the Before and After!).




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