How Peter Got His Name

2016-07-10 20.05.42

Where is it?

2016-07-10 20.06.04

WTF, man?

I pre-ordered my Phicen M31 body early this year and waited with bated breath for him to ship in May. I received him and excitedly opened the box and…well…something was missing.

I went back and looked at the photos on the web site where I ordered him and they had blurred out something, but the body I received had nothing that would have to be blurred out!

I checked out the Phicen group I  belong to on Facebook and there was a post about it. I wasn’t the only one who was wondering why my guy didn’t have his…extra parts…that the Phicen males all seem to have.

I can’t believe this…

2016-07-10 13.23.20.

It’s French, dammit!

I emailed the company I ordered him from and they explained that the manufacturer hadn’t sent them the “accessories” yet, but that they would send them in July when they were due to receive them.

In the mean time, I took a few pictures of him in his dismay.

In a moment of giggling like a grade-school kid, I decided to name him Peter. No, even better: Peter DeVoid.

“It’s French,” he insisted, “It’s pronounced Dev-Wah.”

He later changed the spelling to DeVois. I’m ok with that.

Well, time went by and one day last week, I received an ordinary-looking #10 size envelope in the mail. For a minute, I wasn’t sure what it was. I tried to remember anything I might have ordered that would fit into that envelope, but it didn’t occur to me what it was until I opened the envelope and Peter’s junk fell out!

He’s a happy man, indeed.


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