A Glossary of Doll Terms

Below is a short list of words commonly found in the doll community. (I’m still working on the list, so some of the definitions are still blank.)


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A "hybrid" doll is a doll that has a part or parts of another doll. This is usually done by swapping heads, also known as "rebodying" (see "rebodying" below), but can also apply to legs, arms, etc., that have been swapped.

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If you check out very much content posted by adult fashion doll enthusiasts on blogs, forums, or social networking / photo sharing sites, you've likely heard of "rebodying". In a nutshell, to "rebody" is to remove a doll's head from the body and put it onto another body. This is generally done for articulation purposes - so that the doll's elbows, knees, etc., can bend, making the doll more poseable. (The author of the blog, "How To Play With Barbies" explained it perfectly in her 2011 post, "Why We Rebody Dolls".)

Dolls that have been rebodied are often called "hybrids" (see "hybrid" above).

There are different methods of rebodying, but they all involve using heat to soften the vinyl head. Some people use blow dryers. Hot water works if you don't mind your doll getting wet (I use this method sometimes if I am cleaning up a doll I bought secondhand and decide to rebody it at the same time). My personal favorite method is to use a heating pad.


Kyle is a dancer and really needed to have knees that would bend, so he was rebodied in 2012 (click to see larger image):


Ashley and Genre were rebodied in 2013. Ashley came with totally white legs. (She was a Holiday Season Barbie and was supposed to be wearing white tights.) I tried to paint them with acrylic paint. The paint dried darker than it looked when it was wet, so the shade was off, and then, when she bent her knees, the paint started to chip and peel off. Genre had crooked rubbery legs when I got her from a thrift store. Ashley now has a So In Style Baby Phat Kara body and Genre got a Fashionista Artsy/Nikki body (and was later changed to a Swappin' Styles body).



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