Philip, Teresa, and Sophie

Teresa and Philip with daughter Sophie    

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1B, Kendra, Blaize, & Dennis / Easter at Playscale Playtime

. In The Backstory 1B: We learn about Kendra, her sister Blaize, and her son Dennis We attend an Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Playscale Playtime Preschool and Daycare (Click any image for larger view or

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1C, Pittsburgh Road Trip

. In “The Backstory 1C, Pittsburgh Road Trip”, we go along on a road trip to Pittsburgh, PA, with several residents of Port Sebastian and their friends, and their human counterparts, who they call The Giants. (Click any

Sophie Dorchester

About This Character Character Name: Sophie Dorchester Age: 4 Parents: Teresa and Philip Aunts/Uncles: Aunts Nicci, Kimberly, Callia, and

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