Kyle Austin

Age: 21 Occupation: Dancer, Guys and Dolls Dance Troupe Relationship Status: Dating Cleo Parents: Curtis and Doreen Siblings: Sister Leah

Kyle needed articulated knees . . .

When Mattel created the Clutch Wave 2 Fashionista Ryan, they removed the articulated knees that the previous Fashionista

Leah and Her Family

Leah with her family – Back row: Parents Doreen and Curtis. Seated: Braeden, Leah, and Kyle (See the story in Port Sebastian:

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 2B, Guys & Dolls Dance Troupe / Baltimore Road Trip

. In The Backstory 2B: We are introduced to the Guys & Dolls Dance Troupe We go on a road trip to Baltimore, MD, with Kyle and Cleo, who traveled to see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 2C, Leah’s Visit With Her Family

. In The Backstory 2C, we see Leah’s visit with her family, when she and her two brothers all have announcements to make . . .   (Click any image for larger view or to start

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