Jenna Mitchell

Age: 27 Occupation: Model, mostly for catalogs and print ads. (Jenna and her sister, Julie, are models for the One

Jenna’s New Dress

Just to explain what’s going on in the photos: Jenna is a model, and one of the companies

Pining For Pine Valley

So I understand there is a rumor that All My Children could come back on Netflix! I cannot put into words how happy I would be if this would happen. As I said on my About

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1B, Kendra, Blaize, & Dennis / Easter at Playscale Playtime

. In The Backstory 1B: We learn about Kendra, her sister Blaize, and her son Dennis We attend an Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Playscale Playtime Preschool and Daycare (Click any image for larger view or

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 2A, Flowers in Port Sebastian Park

. In The Backstory 2A, we see some residents planting flowers in Port Sebastian Park. (Click any image for larger view or to start slideshow. In larger view, click anywhere in image to advance to next

Yes, Mattel, Yes, Yes!

This is very exciting. Where do I start? When Mattel came out with the Style dolls with ankle

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