Carolyn and Janice

Carolyn and her fiance, Janice, on a road trip to Washington DC: See more Characters: Couples and Families

Janice Stedman

Age: 27 Occupation: Account Executive for Outside The Box Advertising Concepts Relationship Status: Engaged to Carolyn Parents: Baxter

Pining For Pine Valley

So I understand there is a rumor that All My Children could come back on Netflix! I cannot put into words how happy I would be if this would happen. As I said on my About

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1A, Leah & James

. In The Backstory 1A, Leah & James, we meet Leah and James and witness a bit of their love story the way it unfolded. (Click any image for larger view or to start slideshow. In

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 3B, Washington DC, Virginia, & Maryland Road Trip

. In Part 3B, Carolyn, Janice, Kiersten, and Ryan accompany the Giants on a trip to Washington, DC and surrounding areas. (Click any image for larger view or to start slideshow. In larger view, click anywhere

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