James Braddock

Age: 28 Occupation: Owner of It’s All Set Relationship Status: Living with Leah Parents: Mom Dee-Dee and Dad Bruce (divorced),

Leah and James

Leah and James on a road trip: See more Characters: Couples and Families posts. .

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1A, Leah & James

. In The Backstory 1A, Leah & James, we meet Leah and James and witness a bit of their love story the way it unfolded. (Click any image for larger view or to start slideshow. In

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1C, Pittsburgh Road Trip

. In “The Backstory 1C, Pittsburgh Road Trip”, we go along on a road trip to Pittsburgh, PA, with several residents of Port Sebastian and their friends, and their human counterparts, who they call The Giants. (Click any

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 3A, Leah & James at Ristorante Amore

. In Part 3A, Leah and James meet for dinner at Ristorante Amore after Leah’s visit with her family. Also at the restaurant are waitress Nicole and diners Cameron, Kita, Marcus, Naima, Fisher, Ingrid, Viveka, Kimberly, and

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