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As a kid, I dearly loved my Barbies and I played with them for hours on end. Now

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Reach other 1/6-scale enthusiasts by making your business or photo-story visible with an ad on Port-Sebastian.com! Whether you

Character Ages

This makes it easier for me to see the bios of my characters by their age or their

Characters By First Name

Click your favorite character’s name below to see all content with that character. See the entire cast of

Characters By Last Name

Follow which characters are related by checking out the Surnames of Port Sebastian residents. (See the entire cast

Port Sebastian: The Story

Post Sebastian, the story, is a photo-story soap opera featuring 1/6 scale fashion dolls and action figures, and focuses on the lives and loves of the characters and their connections within their community. Also see: Port

Port Sebastian: The Town

Port Sebastian is a fictional town in the northeast United States. Its founding family, the Sebastians, were wine

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