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This category covers a wide range of posts about dolls, characters, and sometimes silliness. Some of the character posts give a tiny bit more background into their lives. For more background, see Port Sebastian: The Back Story.

A Chance To Participate: Can you help me name some characters?

If there are any photos below, they belong to new characters who need names. Want to help me name them? Just put your suggestion in the comments for this post. (Please let me know which character

AA Chicago Police Action Figure

This guy is awesome. I found him on eBay while I was searching for a Police uniform for

Fun with Motion Portrait! :-)

Ever wanted to animate one of your dolls? It’s addictive! Click to view video.Click to view video. How

How Peter Got His Name

I pre-ordered my Phicen M31 body early this year and waited with bated breath for him to ship

Jenna’s New Dress

Just to explain what’s going on in the photos: Jenna is a model, and one of the companies

Kiersten and Abbey’s Road Trip

. If you follow @PortSebastian on Instagram or GetMeStarted on Flicker, you probably know that Kiersten and Abbey took a little road trip in the Fall of 2015. Kiersten met Tony a couple years ago and

Kyle needed articulated knees . . .

When Mattel created the Clutch Wave 2 Fashionista Ryan, they removed the articulated knees that the previous Fashionista

Phyllis Saw Our Dress on TV!

Back in March of 2015, I was watching Dancing With The Stars and I was surprised to see

Pining For Pine Valley

So I understand there is a rumor that All My Children could come back on Netflix! I cannot put into words how happy I would be if this would happen. As I said on my About

Sydney and Channing Build Sebastian the Snowman

When taking pictures of Arthur and Phyllis Landry in the snow recently, I remembered that I’d taken pictures

The Landrys’ Winter Walk

Arthur and Phyllis Landry took a walk after a recent snowfall . . . . I had a

Yes, Mattel, Yes, Yes!

This is very exciting. Where do I start? When Mattel came out with the Style dolls with ankle

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