Port Sebastian: The Backstory 3B, Washington DC, Virginia, & Maryland Road Trip

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In Part 3B, Carolyn, Janice, Kiersten, and Ryan accompany the Giants on a trip to Washington, DC and surrounding areas.

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More on Kiersten feeding the birds – a note from GetMeStarted:

I had some bread in my backpack, and while we were relaxing at the National Mall Park, I fed a little bit to the birds. I got the idea to put some bread in Kiersten’s hand and try to get a pictures of her feeding the birds, but it became comical watching their reactions to her. It was as if she were a scarecrow. They would fly near her and quickly turn and fly away when they saw her. I got out my phone and shot seven minutes of video of them while my partner snapped pictures.

I posted the video on YouTube. It’s seven minutes of a doll kneeling on the ground and me tossing little bread-balls near her to try to entice them to go over by her, so it’s probably not very interesting, but I still find it funny that they wouldn’t go near her!

Kiersten says, “Seriously? You birds went closer to the giants, and they’re (more than) six times my size! AND they were moving and talking!”

(My apologies for the shaky video.)


Characters, Dolls, & Sets in Part 3B



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