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So I understand there is a rumor that All My Children could come back on Netflix! I cannot put into words how happy I would be if this would happen.

As I said on my About Me page, “As an adult, I watched All My Children faithfully from 1991 until it went off the air in September of 2011. I was so sad to see the show end . . . then excited to hear the news that it was going to continue online . . . disappointed when that fell through . . . then elated when it finally did happen . . . and finally, crushed when it ended after only one season.”

After watching a TV show for a hour each day, five days a week, for twenty years (realizing that many people watched it for twice as long as I did!), it was very hard to say goodbye.

I recorded AMC every day and watched it while I ate dinner. That was my routine. The characters (and the actors who portrayed them) became a familiar part of my daily life, and while the actors had no idea who I was (although I did meet several of them briefly, at various soap events), the sudden lack of them, playing out these stories in my living room, left me missing them and the show in a big way.

I don’t think Prospect Park ever announced just what the behind-the-scenes or financial obstacles were that caused them to close production of the web series, but it felt, to me, like a betrayal to the fans who had followed the show to (and became invested in) its new online incarnation. I realize, as I write this post, that I still haven’t completely finished being angry and disappointed about that. This is even more reason to be cautiously hopeful about the Netflix rumor.

I’ve been pondering what a rebooted Netflix version of All My Children might look like. How many of the alumni cast would be able to be a part of it? If it took on a more “night time soap” feel (which I think could be a very good thing, since viewers appear to have moved away from wanting to see “daytime” soaps as we’ve known them, as indicated by the drops in ratings and the canceling of so many soaps in the past several  years), how different would it become from the show we all knew and loved on TV? Would Netflix keep some of the aspects that make a soap a soap? Would love scenes be more steamy than they were on the TV version? What about language? I remember there were some viewers who commented that they didn’t like some of the language on the Prospect Park version, although it didn’t bother me. Would the story pick up where ABC TV left off or where the Prospect Park version left off?

I thought of a possible story line they could use in the transition:

No matter how they actually choose to write it, I SO hope it happens, and I also hope that most of the actors from the ABC-TV version will be available and willing to be on board.

I spent a good part of last weekend remembering so many of my favorite moments and story lines on All My Children. As it turns out, some of my Port Sebastian characters did the same.

Leah and Janice, who were roommates in college, and Bree and Charity, who also lived in the same dorm, used to watch All My Children together. In this addition to Port Sebastian: The Back Story, the four, along with two other friends, Nicci and Jenna, got together at the yacht that Charity rents from her uncle, and watched clips of some of their favorite AMC scenes . . . 

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