Vanessa (Ward) Wilson

About This Character

Saran-1Age: 33

Occupation: I haven’t decided yet

Relationship Status: Married to Leon

Siblings: Sister Ashley

Children: Daughter Lauren


About This Doll/Figure

  • Formerly (before becoming one of my characters), this doll/figure was: an AA Tree Trimming Barbie.
    (See the list of Manufacturers / Original Doll Names of my characters)
  • Doll Changes” Status: She has been rebodied onto a So In Style Baby Phat Kara body.
  • Head/Face Mold: Christie
  • Second Style“: I don’t have a Second Style for Vanessa yet, but I hope to find one eventually. I used to have a doll that I believe would have made a great Second Vanessa, but I sold her before I got Vanessa. I had originally thought she could be a Second Ashley, but she didn’t have the right eye shape and her hair was too dark. *Sigh*.




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