Taylor Augusta

TaylorAbout This Character

Character Name: Taylor Augusta

Age: 4

Parents: Moms Nicci and Kimberly

Siblings: Sister Madison

Aunts/Uncles: Aunt Teresa and Uncle Philip, Aunt Callia, Aunt Jewel. Great-Aunt Gwen and Uncle Dieter, Great-Aunt Maya and Uncle Bryan, Great-Aunt Cobie and Uncle Frank, Great-Uncle Mitch and Aunt Nora

Cousins: Sophie, First Cousins Once Removed AlexandriaFernDouglasDerekReid, Zach (who lives in FL and belongs to my sister)

Grandparents: Grandma Erin, Grandpa Matt

Taylor appears in:

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About This Doll

Formerly (before becoming one of my characters), this doll/figure was: a Ty Li’l Ones –  Trendy Taylor doll

Hybrid/OOAK Status: I haven’t made any changes to her.


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