Reid Harrison

Reid-1About This Character

Character Name: Reid Harrison

Age: 30

Occupation: I haven’t decided yet

Relationship Status: Dating Sadie

Parents: Mitch and Nora

Aunts/Uncles: Aunt Gwen and Uncle Dieter, Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt, Aunt Maya and Uncle Bryan, Aunt Cobie and Uncle Frank

Cousins: Alexandria, Fern, Nicci, Teresa, Callia, Jewel, Douglas, Derek, and Zach (who lives in Florida and belongs to my sister)


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About This Doll

Formerly (before becoming one of my characters), this doll/figure was: I don’t know. I will research this and post more info here.

Hybrid/OOAK Status: I haven’t made any changes to him yet, but I plan to redo the paint on  his hair and eyebrows.



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