Michelle Braddock

MichelleAbout This Character

Character Name: Michelle Braddock

Age: 26

Occupation: Receptionist, Law Offices of Rothchild, Snyder, and Fitch

Relationship Status: Dating Jason

Parents: Martin and Rose

Siblings: Sister Carolyn and brother Paul

Aunts/Uncles: Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Arthur, Aunt Sheila and Uncle Ben, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Lena, Aunt Dee-Dee (ex-wife of Bruce)

Cousins: CleoTinaGaryKirkJames, and Kiersten

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About This Doll

Formerly (before becoming one of my characters), this doll/figure was: a: Barbie Sugarplum Princess from The Nutcracker

Hybrid/OOAK Status: I haven’t made any changes to her, other than washing and de-tangling her hair and trimming it a bit.

Head/Face Mold: Generation Girl / CEO (?)


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