Elaine (Patton) Stedman

About This Character


Age: 52

Occupation: Elaine doesn’t need to work.

Relationship Status: Married to Baxter Stedman

Children: Daughters Janice and Chyna

Siblings: Sister (whom Elaine does not like to acknowledge) Angelina, Brother in Law Gordon

Nieces/Nephews: Niece Courtney, Great Niece Vicki, Great Nephew Donny

About This Doll/Figure

Formerly (before becoming one of my characters), this doll/figure was: Cruella De Vil Ruthless in Red

Hybrid/OOAK Status: Elaine has been rebodied onto a Fashionista body. She has also had her hair removed and is wearing a wig. I’m not sure I’m completely happy with this particular wig on her, though, so it may change by the time Season One debuts…

Elaine before she had all her work done:


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