Carla Ansell

About This Character

Age: 22

Occupation: Waitress at Starry Night

Relationship Status: Not seeing anyone at present

Parents: Mom Lena and Dad Mason (divorced); Stepfather Bruce; Stepmother Kelsey; Bruce’s former wife, Dee-Dee (who is like another stepmother) and her husband, Beckett

Siblings: Sister Olivia and Brother Alex, Half-sister Brooklyn, Stepbrother James, Stepsister Kiersten

Aunts/Uncles: Step-Aunt Chandra & Step-Uncle Clay (Kelsey’s sister and brother in law), Step-Uncle Martin and Step-Aunt Rose (Bruce’s brother and sister and law)

Cousins: Step-Cousins Carolyn, Michelle, and Paul (Rose and Martin’s children)


About This Doll/Figure

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