Baxter Stedman

About This Character

BaxterAge: 53

Occupation: President of Stedman Industries

Relationship Status: Married to Elaine

Children: Daughters Janice and Chyna

Siblings: Sister in law Angelina, Brother in law Gordon

Nieces/Nephews: Elaine’s Niece Courtney, Great Niece Vicki, Great Nephew Donny

About This Doll/Figure

Formerly (before becoming one of my characters), this doll/figure was: a talking Donald Trump doll by Stevenson Entertainment Group *

Doll Changes” Status: I repainted his eyebrows and hair and added facial hair.

This is Baxter before I painted him:

Baxter Stedman

Baxter Stedman










* (See the Manufacturers / Original Doll Names of my characters.)





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