Alexandria (Kramer) Green

About This Character


Age: 26

Occupation: Desk Clerk at the Port Hotel

Relationship Status: Married to Aidan

Siblings: Sister Fern and brother in law Trenton

Parents: Gwen and Dieter

Aunts/Uncles: Aunt Erin and Uncle Matt, Aunt Maya and Uncle Bryan, Aunt Cobie and Uncle Frank, Uncle Mitch and Aunt Nora

Cousins:  Nicci, Teresa, Callia, Jewel, Douglas, Derek, Reid, Zach (who lives in FL and belongs to my sister)

Other info: This doll came from a thrift store. She has at one time touched something that appears to have melted the tip of her nose and two spots on her forehead. She also has a nick in her right ear. I haven’t decided whether to try to repair the damage or write it into the story as a past injury.

About This Doll/Figure

Formerly (before becoming one of my characters), this doll/figure was a: Barbie, but I don’t know which one (??)

Hybrid/OOAK Status: She has been rebodied using a Liv body.

Head/Face Mold: Theresa

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