Naima and Marcus Marteau

Naima with her husband, Marcus, when they went out for dinner at Ristorante Amore for their anniversary (See

Kimberly, Nicci, Taylor and Madison

Kimberly and Nicci with their daughters, Taylor and Madison:   See more Characters: Couples and Families posts. .

The Landrys’ Winter Walk

Arthur and Phyllis Landry took a walk after a recent snowfall . . . . I had a

Sydney and Channing Build Sebastian the Snowman

When taking pictures of Arthur and Phyllis Landry in the snow recently, I remembered that I’d taken pictures

Phyllis Saw Our Dress on TV!

Back in March of 2015, I was watching Dancing With The Stars and I was surprised to see

Abbey’s Second Style

I’ve been collecting “second style” versions of some of my dolls – extras of the same doll so I

Pining For Pine Valley

So I understand there is a rumor that All My Children could come back on Netflix! I cannot put into words how happy I would be if this would happen. As I said on my About

Giveaway Test

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Port Sebastian: The Backstory 3C, Atlantic City, NJ

. In Part 3C, we travel to Atlantic City, NJ on a windy Saturday morning with Cecelia, Arlon, Dillon, Drue, Tony, Kiersten, Ashley, and JT. A friend and I went there that day to take doll

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 3B, Washington DC, Virginia, & Maryland Road Trip

. In Part 3B, Carolyn, Janice, Kiersten, and Ryan accompany the Giants on a trip to Washington, DC and surrounding areas. (Click any image for larger view or to start slideshow. In larger view, click anywhere

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 3A, Leah & James at Ristorante Amore

. In Part 3A, Leah and James meet for dinner at Ristorante Amore after Leah’s visit with her family. Also at the restaurant are waitress Nicole and diners Cameron, Kita, Marcus, Naima, Fisher, Ingrid, Viveka, Kimberly, and

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 2C, Leah’s Visit With Her Family

. In The Backstory 2C, we see Leah’s visit with her family, when she and her two brothers all have announcements to make . . .   (Click any image for larger view or to start

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 2B, Guys & Dolls Dance Troupe / Baltimore Road Trip

. In The Backstory 2B: We are introduced to the Guys & Dolls Dance Troupe We go on a road trip to Baltimore, MD, with Kyle and Cleo, who traveled to see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 2A, Flowers in Port Sebastian Park

. In The Backstory 2A, we see some residents planting flowers in Port Sebastian Park. (Click any image for larger view or to start slideshow. In larger view, click anywhere in image to advance to next

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1C, Pittsburgh Road Trip

. In “The Backstory 1C, Pittsburgh Road Trip”, we go along on a road trip to Pittsburgh, PA, with several residents of Port Sebastian and their friends, and their human counterparts, who they call The Giants. (Click any

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1B, Kendra, Blaize, & Dennis / Easter at Playscale Playtime

. In The Backstory 1B: We learn about Kendra, her sister Blaize, and her son Dennis We attend an Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Playscale Playtime Preschool and Daycare (Click any image for larger view or

Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1A, Leah & James

. In The Backstory 1A, Leah & James, we meet Leah and James and witness a bit of their love story the way it unfolded. (Click any image for larger view or to start slideshow. In

How Peter Got His Name

I pre-ordered my Phicen M31 body early this year and waited with bated breath for him to ship

Fun with Motion Portrait! :-)

Ever wanted to animate one of your dolls? It’s addictive! Click to view video.Click to view video. How

Yes, Mattel, Yes, Yes!

This is very exciting. Where do I start? When Mattel came out with the Style dolls with ankle

A Chance To Participate: Can you help me name some characters?

If there are any photos below, they belong to new characters who need names. Want to help me name them? Just put your suggestion in the comments for this post. (Please let me know which character

Kiersten and Abbey’s Road Trip

. If you follow @PortSebastian on Instagram or GetMeStarted on Flicker, you probably know that Kiersten and Abbey took a little road trip in the Fall of 2015. Kiersten met Tony a couple years ago and

Michelle and Jason

This is Michelle Braddock and Jason Ellis:      See more Characters: Couples and Families posts. .  

Test Shots With Shirts

I recently had some fun taking test shots with a couple new shirts that I added to the

AA Chicago Police Action Figure

This guy is awesome. I found him on eBay while I was searching for a Police uniform for

Behind the Scenes: How I got Blaize to stay in her chair

As I took the photos of Kendra, Blaize, and Dennis for Port Sebastian: The Backstory 1B, I had

Callia’s Second Style

I’ve been collecting “second style” versions of some of my dolls – extras of the same doll so I

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